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KD Workboats stands for quality and perfection. In addition to offering our own products such as the KD-50, the Pro Worker, and the SH-800 and 1200, we are also a rising player in the market as a supplier for other manufacturers.

We prefer working with local businesses to ensure quick and high-quality production. We are also the perfect partner for refits, from hull building to the finished product. We can carry out projects up to 30 metres in a covered and climate-controlled setting.

Sustainability and the environment

KD Workboats also takes responsibility for the major challenge facing society: the environment. Our rooftop solar panels generate energy which is then used in building and maintaining the vessels. This is just one of the ways in which KD Workboats contributes to helping the environment.


Egbert van Veen founded KD Workboats in Urk in 1999. With a strong passion for the shipping industry and extensive experience with ship carpentry, houseboat construction, yacht building and project development, he worked with his team to develop and create high-quality vessels for clients.

Egbert was born and raised in Urk, where life revolved around water and water sports. In Urk, everyone has a traditional family name. Egbert’s grandfather, for example, was named King of Urk. It was Egbert’s dream to start a ship building company, and with the launch of his business, he built upon his King’s Dream. And so the name KD Workboats was born.
Egbert’s family is the driving force behind this dream. His wife and three children are invaluable to the success of KD Workboats.




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